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Bloch: Schelomo*
Bloch: Baal Shem (arr. cello/orchestra)
Boccherini: Concerto in B-flat
Brahms, Johannes:  Concerto for Violin and Cello, “Double”
Bruch: Kol Nidrei*
Bruch: Adagio on Celtic Themes
Couperin (Bazelaire): Pièces en Concert*
Dvořák: Concerto in B minor*
Dvořák: Waldesruhe
Dvořák: Rondo
Elgar: Concerto in E minor*
Faure: Élégie*
Haydn: Concerto in C*
Haydn: Concerto in D
Kabalevsky: Concerto in G minor
Lalo: Concerto in D minor*
Popper, David: Hungarian Rhapsody
Rachmaninoff: Vocalise*
Reinecke, Carl: Concerto, Op. 82*+
Saint-Saëns: Concerto No. 1*
Saint-Saëns: Allegro Appassionato*
Schumann: Concerto in A minor*
Schumann (orch. Ansermet): Adagio and Allegro*+
Shostakovich: Concerto No. 1
Strauss, R.: Don Quixote*
Tchaikovsky: Rococo Variations
Vivaldi: Concerto for Two Cellos


For Cello and Piano:
Bach: Adagio from Toccata BWV 564*
Bach: Arioso from Cantata BWV 156*
Bach: Sonatas for viola da gamba
Barber: Sonata
Bartok: Romanian Folk Dances
Beethoven: Sonatas 1-5 (2*, 3*, 5*)
Beethoven: Variations on Bei Männern*
Bloch: From Jewish Life*
Brahms: Sonata in E minor*
Brahms: Sonata in F Major*
Britten: Sonata in C
Casals: Song of the Birds
Chopin: Sonata
Couperin (Bazelaire): Pièces en Concert*
Debussy: Sonata*
Dvořák: Rondo
Eccles: Sonata
Fauré: Apres un Rêve*, Élégie*, Sicilienne*
Franck: Sonata*
Ginastera: Pampeana No. 2*
Grieg: Sonata*
Mendelssohn: Sonata in D Major
Mendelssohn: Song Without Words in D Major*
Messiaen: Louange à l’éternité de Jésus from Quartet for the End of Time*
Poulenc: Sonata
Prokofiev: Sonata
Rachmaninoff: Sonata*
Rachmaninoff: Vocalise*
Saint-Saëns: The Swan*, Allegro Appassionato*
Sammartini: Sonata in G Major
Schubert: Sonata for Arpeggione*
Schumann: Adagio and Allegro*+
Schumann (arr. Samis): Dichterliebe*
Schumann: Fantasy Pieces
Shostakovich: Sonata*
Vivaldi: Sonatas 1-6*

For solo cello, or special combination indicated:
Bach: Suite Nos. 1-6 (Nos. 1-4*)
Bloch: Suite No. 1*+
Britten: Suite No. 1
Cassadó, Gaspar: Suite
Gabrielli, Domenico: Ricercari for solo cello
Golijov, Osvaldo: Mariel for cello and marimba*+
Hersant, Philippe: 11 Caprices for two cellos
Kodály: Solo Sonata
Offenbach: Duets for two cellos*
Tate, Phyllis: Sonata for clarinet and cello
Tavener, John: Threnos*+
Wing, Nicholas: Cello Suite No. 1*

*Can be performed on short notice

+Part of debut solo album, to be released early 2014 on Delos

List is representative, but not exhaustive.

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