My Cello

celloI feel very fortunate to play an Italian cello, made in Naples circa 1850. The specific maker is yet to be determined - part of its mystery.  Although I didn't realize this when my search began, finding it required a trying period of almost two years and took me to cities all over the eastern seaboard and Midwest. My search finally concluded in the summer of 2009, when I received an email from Chris Reuning at Reuning and Son Violins in Boston telling me about this cello he was about to put on the market. Chris said that he knew how special it was from dealing with it years prior. I flew up to Boston for the sole purpose of trying this cello. After playing many, many instruments from all over, I had finally found my voice. I not only want to thank Chris Reuning, but also Philip Kass, whose unbiased, expert guidance on antique string instruments was an invaluable part of this challenging process.


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